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Nhà sản xuất: Piano Ritmuller
Xuất xứ: Pearl River
Bao gồm: piano
Bảo hành: 5 year
Số lượng:
Tổng giá:
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piano Ritmuller R9

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call Đặt hàng: 0949.076.789 hoặc Hotline: 0949.076.789
Dimensions 1610 x 1505 x 992 mm
Design Designed by Mr. Lothar Thomma
Duplex Scale Yes
Action Full sized direct blow
Sharp Natural Ebony wood with comfortable touch feeling
Slow-fallboard Yes
Hammer Abel Hammer, made in Germany, T-wired, waterproof
Plate Traditional sand-cast, CNC processed, high gloss
Ribs Full length ribs into a notched liner
Back post Fine spruce
Strings Roeslau Strings, made in Germany
Bass strings Solid copper wound bass strings
Bridges Vertical cross-ply hard maple with solid maple cap, cantilevered bass bridge
Pin block 17 cross ply hard maple-designed rigidity and superior holding power
Tuning pins Cut thread, Chromium plated
Keys All made of spruce, CNC processed in high accuracy,
Keybed Exclusive Euro-designed pine frame with expansion capacity
Action rail Premium Aluminum alloy
Seasoned for Destination Yes
Soft-close fallboard Yes
Keyboard 88 keys
Pedals 3
Finishes Ebony polish, Walnut polish, Mahogany polish, White polish
Also available as Auto-player system

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