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Roland BK-7m

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Add a world-class backing band to your show with the new BK-7m, a state-of-the-art module that packs an interactive band into a sleek, slim package. No bigger than a book, the BK-7m is a dream machine for the entertaining artist or solo musician who needs a backing band onstage, in the studio, or at home. With hundreds of great Tones, Music Styles, and rhythms onboard — all quickly accessible with one-touch buttons — the BK-7m will make you sound like a pro ensemble onstage. Choose from the library of built-in styles or play your own music files directly from USB for play-along accompaniment. You can even record your performances directly to USB memory for distribution and archiving.

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Display type

Display 128 x 64 dots, graphic LCD

Sound generator (Conforms to GM2/GS/XGlite)

Max. polyphony 128 voices
Sounds 1,092 tones, 57 Drum Sets
Multitimbral parts real-time parts (UP1, UP2, LWR, MBS) + 16 Song parts
Master tuning 415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz
Key control (Transpose) –6 to +5 in semitones (for audio/MIDI data & AUDIO INPUT signals)
Tempo change Quarter Note = 20 to 250 for SMF and Music Styles, 75 to 125 % for mp3 and WAV files
Part mute functions TRACK MUTE: Music Styles, SMF, CENTER CANCEL: mp3, WAV, AUDIO INPUT signals


Real-time parts (UP1, UP2, LWR, MBS) reverb: 12 types, chorus: 6 types, MFX: 84 types, parametric EQ: 6 presets + 1 User, multi-band compressor: 6 presets + 1 user Music Style/SMF section reverb: 8 types, chorus: 8 types, MFX A, B, C: 84 types each, parametric EQ: 6 presets + 1 user, multi-band compressor: 6 presets + 1 user

Music Style section

Music Styles 433 in 10 “Rhythm” families
One Touch memories 4 per Music Style
Style Cover 30 presets
Style Makeup Tools Instrument-oriented editing


Real-time player SMF (Format 0/1), KAR, mp3, WAV
Song Chord Extractor Automatic chord detection for SMF files
SMF Makeup Tools Instrument-oriented editing
SMF Cover 30 presets

Performance memories

Performance lists Unlimited number (storage on USB memory), 954 Music Assistant (Internal on BK-7m)
Performance memories per list Max. 999
Finder Quick location of Performance memories


Demo Yes


USB recorder Records audio files (WAV, 44.1 kHz/16-bit linear format)



SMF and mp3/WAV

Panel controls

Rotary encoder Data dial with push switching function


Headphone jack stereo 1/4" phone type
Audio inputs INPUT L/MONO, R jack: 1/4" phone type
USB connectors USB Host (data storage), COMPUTER (reception and transmission of MIDI data)
MIDI IN/OUT connectors MIDI IN, MIDI OUT (V-LINK function)
Video output jack composite (PAL or NTSC, selectable)
Audio outputs OUTPUT L/MONO, R jacks: 1/4" phone type
Pedal and footswitch jacks SWITCH/EXPRESSION jack (programmable), FC-7 jack (programmable)


Power supply 9 V DC, supplied AC adaptor
Current draw 900 mA

Included accessories

Owner’s Manual, AC adaptor, Sonar LE DVD-ROM, 4 screws (M5 x 12) 
USB Flash Memory: Roland M-UF-series, Amplifiers: Roland KC-series, Stand: Roland PDS-10, SS-PC1, Pedals: Roland FC-7 Foot Controller, Roland DP-series/BOSS FS-5U footswitch, Roland EV-series expression pedal

Size and Weight

Width  (W) 303 mm11-15/16 inches
Depth (D) 194 mm7-11/16 inches
Height (H) 101 mm4 inches
Weight 1.7 kg3 lbs. 12 oz.

(excluding AC adaptor)

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.

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